5 Ways to Play Games on Your TV Even Without a Video Game or PC at Home

In addition to watching movies and series, you can play games on your TV without having to connect it to a video game or PC. Check options in different brands and systems.

Smart TVs are increasingly present in Brazilian homes. In addition to fulfilling the usual function of television, it allows a series of uses such as accessing streaming platforms and even making video calls.

What few users know, however, is that it is also possible to play games on TV without the presence of a video game or PC. Of course, they are not extremely heavy or complex games, but they can easily save you from boredom and be a good activity to bring the whole family together. Check out some options below on playing games on your smart TV with different systems and brands.

5 Ways to Play Games on Your TV

1. LG

Smart TVs from South Korean manufacturer LG have an operating system called WebOS. Among different streaming applications to watch videos or listen to music, the company also provides a hub with a good amount of games.

To access it, go to the LG Content Store ( LG’s app store ) via the remote and choose the “apps” option. Select “All” and then “Game” to open the available options in the list. Once that’s done, all left is choosing the game, clicking “Install” and having fun.

The games are usually quite simple, being controlled by the remote control of your TV set.

2. Samsung

Samsung smart TVs also have their operating system, Tizen. As with LG TVs, they are installing games developed for the platform is very simple, very similar to the process with any other application in the equipment store.

Through your TV’s remote, press the “Smart Hub” button, and on the screen, select the ” APPS ” icon. At the top, choose the games icon (similar to a video game controller) and the available applications will appear on the screen. Just select the game and click “Install”, and, in a few seconds, it will be available to play using your TV’s remote control.

3. Android TV

With an operating system based on Android and developed by Google, devices with Android TV have a direct connection to the Google Play Store and, thus, a great diversity of games available on the platform. Games like Asphalt 8: Airborne and the famous Pac-Man are available for television.

Some models starting at R$1,300, such as the Full HD Sep 43S5300 or the TCL S615 (both available from 32 inches), are options for devices with the Android TV operating system.

To access your Android TV’s app store, hit the “Home” button on the remote and select the “Apps” option. There, you can find the Play Store icon, which you will navigate in a very similar way to the Android mobile app store.

4. Apple TV

LIKE THE PREVIOUS ITEMS, Apple TV is not a TV operating system but a media centre developed by an American company. You can control it from your iPhone and even download apps and games.

As it is separate hardware that must be connected to your TV (it can be smart or not), all processing is in charge of this equipment. A differentiator of Apple TV is that it accepts the installation of external controls via Bluetooth connection of most current consoles, which facilitates gameplay.

The Apple Arcade platform is available through a monthly subscription. To access it:

  1. Open the App Store by remote control and access the “Arcade” tab.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “View all games”.
  3. Choose the game and click “Install”.

5. Steam

Steam is one of the most popular game streaming services among PC users, with countless titles available. The platform can also be installed on smart TVs.

To gain access, download the application from your equipment store, looking for ” Steam Link”. Once installed, you will need to have a service account to start using it, and you can create it on the company’s website if you don’t already have it.

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