Ablo App: Talk to people from anywhere in the world with this app

Ablo App:I nternet and social networks have made it possible for us to be in contact with people anywhere in the world. Many people enjoy having a conversation with a stranger with some of the best Video Chat App With Strangers, in their language or another. A fun way to meet someone or just be able to talk. For this case, there is a very interesting application in the Play Store available, called Ablo.

Ablo App


Ablo is an application designed to be able to talk to people from all over the world. You will be able to do it in your language since the app has an integrated translator, which will allow you to understand each other at any time. It is presented as a way to make friends around the world and thus be able to travel and discover the world.

Talk to people from all over the world with Ablo

When you download Ablo on Android, the first thing to do is create an account/profile in it. You just have to give an email, but we are allowed to link the Google account to the application. Then you have to upload a photo, choose the username, and select the location where we are. So the profile is ready, and we can start this journey through which the application will take us.

The application will let us choose the type of trip we want to do, being able to choose between the world and both (designed for one to talk to people of the same sex). When you choose any of them, the application will take you on a trip around the world, and a destination will be chosen at random. In that destination, there is already a person with whom you can start talking. To break the ice, a question is usually put to which both users should answer. By having a conversation, you will earn points, unlocking achievements.

On the Ablo home screen, you can find all your messages by clicking on the bubble icon. There is also the classification, where you can add friends from your conversations and see who is getting the most points in the application on these trips. If there are people with whom you have a pleasant chat, you will be able to add them as a friend and thus have frequent contact or be able to compete with them.

The chat interface is a common one for this type of application. In addition to written messages, we can use video calls and calls in the app if we want to be in contact with another person. The messages we receive are shown directly in our language, although if we want, we can always see the original in the language in which the other user has written. If you want to leave a chat, at the top is the door icon to exit it.

Unlock achievements by talking to other people

As we travel the world in Ablo, having conversations with other users, we will accumulate miles (like flight miles). These miles will be added to our scores, which will make us earn points and climb positions in the ranking with other friends. Miles are earned for many things: having a chat, having chats with people in another time zone, adding friends to your account, having more extended conversations, etc. All of this will help you earn miles.

As we fly around the world, we are shown curious facts about countries. So at the same time, we can discover interesting facts and learn something new about countries. When you start a chat with a person, it also shows the current temperature and time at that site. The usual thing is that that user has a profile photo, which we can see, in addition to being able to see all the achievements and miles they have accumulated since they are in the application.

Ablo is presented as a curious application, with which you can start a conversation with people from all over the world, discovering new people, other cultures, and having an entertaining time. Also, accumulating miles and achievements gives it that competitive/social aspect, making it entertaining for many other Android users.

Ablo App download

The application can be downloaded for free on Android. Inside there are purchases to have access to some additional options on the trip. In general, we do not have to pay anything in the application, although we want to make use of these options, but we can talk with other people without paying for anything.

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