Best electric chainsaw: Opinions of professional and hobby models

Your garden needs vigorous pruning, but you still haven’t decided to buy an electric chainsaw that can solve your problems? Lovers of nature and green spaces know when it is essential to take care of your garden with constancy and dedication. The best way to carry out this activity is to equip yourself with the best tools to carry out perfect maintenance to the plants and bushes.

In this guide, you will find the ranking of the best electric saw models on the market, with descriptions and reviews based on the products’ specific characteristics.

Electric chainsaw – All features:

The purchase of an electric saw must be evaluated, considering all its characteristics, to choose the model that best suits your needs.

Unlike the petrol one, the electric chainsaw is powered by an electric current with a cable, as the name of the product implies.

This might seem like a disadvantage, but in reality, we are so used to using tools of this kind that it will not be a hindrance, thanks to the possible use of an extension, which guarantees freedom of movement.

All chainsaws consist of three common essential elements: the engine, the chain, and the cutter bar.

The electric saw motor’s size is measured in watts, considering that the higher the power-to-weight ratio, the higher the power of the product.

The power, which varies from 1600 to 2200 watts, influences the blade’s speed, which will also be directly proportional to its length.

The cutting bar’s length varies, starting from 20 centimeters and even exceeding 100 cm, to guarantee a clean and precise cut.

While the chain must always be in tension to ensure efficiency and optimal operation.

Among the optional and additional featuresa, there is the possibility of inserting the chain’s lateral adjustment and its automatic lubrication.

Tips for choosing the best electric chainsaw:

When you decide to buy a chainsaw, it is good to choose the suitable model that suits your needs; for this reason, it is essential to consider certain factors.

The first element to consider is that of professionalism; a product that is too cheap will not be a professional cordless electric chainsaw. But if you are a beginner an economic product, it will instead be a starting point to start taking care of your garden in an amateur way and learn.

All people who have a garden will sooner or later need an electric chainsaw to take care of the plants; it is not a job for men alone, indeed even for women, it will be easy to try their hand at pruning.

These tools are, in fact, straightforward to use; the important thing is to practice them and understand how they should be used.

Two fundamental elements to consider when purchasing an electric chainsaw will be the weight and size of the product, which must be appropriate to the person who will use it.

The blade’s length must be evaluated based on the use you will want to make of the electric saw. A blade ranging from 15 to 40 centimeters ensures more excellent handling of the chainsaw, especially if the work to be carried out will be simple garden maintenance.

In addition to evaluating the technical characteristics and prices of an electric chainsaw, it is also good to evaluate the safety level it guarantees. All-electric chainsaws must have systems that can block the bar when not in use or for the chain.

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The advantages of the electric chainsaw compared to a classic model:

The decision to buy an electric chainsaw will bring absolute advantages during the routine maintenance of your garden.

Compared to other types of chainsaws, the real advantage lies in its power supply, as it will have unlimited autonomy without having to run the risk of leaving the job halfway.

Another advantage to consider is that of maintenance, which in electric chainsaws is very low. These tools do not need professional knowledge, even if there are general indications, such as constantly cleaning them before and after use.

The oil level must always be checked, and the chain must always be well sharpened and lubricated to reduce possible friction during cutting.

How to buy a professional electric chainsaw?

When you buy an electric chainsaw, you don’t have to rely on any brand on the market, but it is always better to evaluate all the options and not be fooled by the classic offers often seen on the web.

The brand is often synonymous with guarantee and assistance; above all, it will be fundamental to change even just one piece of the product.

When you buy a branded and professional model, it will also be easier to find suitable spare parts for your tool.

How much does an electric saw cost? Prices:

Evaluating the consistency of the budget will be essential to understand which type of chainsaw to buy. Some specific features cause this tool’s price to skyrocket, but it will be a money-saving purchase in the long run.

The price of a quality electric chainsaw is around 150 dollars, depending on each product’s brand and specific features.

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Ranking of the best electric chainsaw models:

Let’s see together the reviews and the characteristics of the best electric chainsaw models on the market thanks to their value for money.

All-electric chainsaws have prices ranging from 200 to 80 dollars, but they are guaranteed, safe products manufactured by the best brands on an international level.

IKRA KSE 2540 PRO – Best electric saw

chainsaws on the market is the IKRA KSE 2540 PRO, a quality product with a horizontal electric motor chosen for its efficiency and power.

This electric saw is very versatile thanks to its very lightweight, which allows it to be handled comfortably and efficiently. Suitable for universal and hobby use, it is an electric chainsaw that can be used for various garden work types.

Its 40 cm blade offers the possibility of making clean and precise cuts on various wood types with a speed of 12.5 m / s. Its engine has a power of 2500 watts and is used not only for home use but also by real professionals in the sector who consider it an excellent electric chainsaw.

Bosch Universal Chain 40

One of the best electric chainsaws on the market is the one signed by Bosh model Universal Chain 40, a product small and light with a power motor equal to 1800 Watt.

This electric chainsaw is built with quality materials that make it a robust tool suitable for prolonged work sessions. The Bosh Universal Chain 40 does not need extraordinary maintenance and represents an excellent solution for hobby and domestic use.

Universal and versatile, with a chain speed of 12 m / s, can cut various wood types in the garden without difficulty, both with vertical and horizontal cuts. This chainsaw is equipped with a safety system activated to avoid accidents, thanks to its quick-acting brake.

Makita UC3541A – Great price

The best electric saw about value for money is the Makita UC3541A, an electric model from a well-known Japanese manufacturer that guarantees precise cuts and guaranteed power.

Versatile and powerful, with its 1800 Watts, it helps cut all types of wood found in your gardens.

The Makita UC3541A is equipped with a 35 cm blade, ideal for cutting oak, carpet, and many other wood types. This electric chainsaw is practical and light, also useful for a work of several hours.

Convenient and comfortable, it can be used to prune branches, trunks, and bushes in total relaxation and tranquility.

Alpina EA 2000 Q electric chainsaw

The Alpina EA 2000 Q electric chainsaw model is easy to use and widely used by beginners who are not yet completely familiar with tools of this kind.

With excellent cutting power, the Alpina EA 2000 Q electric saw guarantees ease of use and comfort in all circumstances.

Its remarkable power is equal to 2000 Watt is superior to many other electric saws on the market. Comfortable and easy to handle, the Alpina EA 2000 Q is equipped with an ergonomic handle and soft to the touch.

Thanks to these characteristics, it is a valuable chainsaw capable of cutting logs of a specific size.

The blade is 40 centimeters long to cut the wood in the best way according to need. Its use is effortless thanks to the chain tension and the efficiency of its electric motor.

Its maintenance is very minimal; the oil pump is automatic, although it is essential to check it regularly to change it as needed. In conclusion, this product represents an excellent purchase, thanks also to its exceptional price.

McCulloch CSE 1835 – Economic electric chainsaw

The McCulloch CSE 1835 electric saw is a simple and intuitive model to be used even by beginners, thanks to its automatic oil change.

Robust and practical, the McCulloch CSE 1835 is a perfect model for those looking for a good quality product, but also characterized by a great price.

This electric saw is very powerful and versatile, with a considerable chain speed and an output of 1800 Watts, which allows you to make clean and precise cuts.

The cutting bar is equal to 35 centimeters to ensure precise work on various types of wood present in the garden. The socket powers its engine without using the battery, making it lighter and easier to handle.

Comfortable to hold thanks to its ergonomic handle, the McCulloch CSE 1835 electric saw is also a very safe model thanks to the automatic chain lock. This electric chainsaw is one of the best products on the market for its efficiency and power.

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Einhell GH-EC 1835 electric chainsaw

The electric chainsaw 4501710 GH-EC 1835 by Einhell is an economical model but can offer excellent performance for the classic maintenance jobs of your garden.

This model, with its 1800 Watts of power, guarantees clean cuts and efficiency, even on logs reaching a diameter of 15-20 centimeters.

The cutter bar is equal to 35 cm, and it is possible to tighten the chain or decide to change it manually.

This electric saw is very durable and sturdy, thanks to the construction materials and internal gears it is equipped with.

This product represents an excellent purchase choice thanks to its characteristics, efficiency and power it guarantees during the work to be carried out on various types of wood.

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Hyundai SF7J135 electric chainsaw

The electric chainsaw of Hyundai model SF7J135 is an economical but reliable and quality product thanks to the manufacturer’s guarantee, well known in the international market.

It is effortless to use; it is also an excellent purchase for beginners who wish to have such a tool for seasonal pruning of plants and hedges in their garden.

This electric chainsaw is very versatile; in fact, it also lends itself to the feeling of medium-small trees and classic domestic uses.

The Hyundai SF7J135 chainsaw does not require extraordinary maintenance. It is effortless to use and is equipped with a potent motor equal to 2000 Watt, while the cutting blade’s length reaches 40 centimeters.

This electric chainsaw is a great choice, a quality product that is sold at a great price.


After reviewing the thirsty best electric chainsaw models, you can quickly check which product is best suited to your personal needs.

These models are also ideal for those who do not have much experience in this sector and will have to use the electric saw in a hobbyist way for the care and maintenance of their garden.

Based on your experience and the type of work you will have to carry out, you have the best electric chainsaws on the market at this very moment.

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