The criteria for buying an Electric Bike Computer

For cyclists who would like to gauge their performance, it may be worth investing in an Electric Bicycle Computer. Thus, you will be able to measure a certain amount of data.

Indeed, you’ve probably seen this dashboard on exercise bikes, for example, that displays the number of kilometers traveled or calories burned. Well, be aware that you can completely record your data on this small device called an electric bike computer.

So, it is fixed with the help of support on the handlebars of your bike, in principle, and thanks to a GPS signal, it calculates the distance traveled and many other things from this sensor. This is extremely useful, especially since the latest products sold on the market allow you to establish statistics linked directly to an application. So you keep track of your bike rides.

Device compatibility

First of all, there is the hardware compatibility of your sensor, that is, the possibility of attaching it to the bike. In principle, the speedometer is sold with everything necessary to hang it on the handlebars.

Then there is device-level compatibility. Indeed, if you want to study the data of your journeys, it will be necessary to download an application. Thus, all your results will be visible on this app, from a tablet, phone, etc. In general, the apps are available in the App Store or Google Play. If you don’t have a device with these operating systems, don’t worry, there will be a brand that will allow you to use one of these newer bike sensors.

Calculated data and precision

To accurately calculate the various data, expected this at a cost. Be careful; it is unnecessary to pay more than 100 $ to get a good product. However, you must suspect that the quality of a device at 20 $ is not as efficient as a product at 80 $. We think in particular of the GPS, which must be able to trace your route to the nearest meter.

Either way, e-bike sensors calculate the following data:

  • average speed
  • maximum speed
  • the number of kilometers traveled
  • the time and date, sometimes with the map option and the estimated time of arrival
  • the number of calories burned
  • fat burned
  • a stopwatch
  • the outside temperature

In other words, a certain amount of data will allow you to analyze your highlights, your rest times precisely.

Capacity and autonomy

A bike ride can last a while, sometimes a few hours! If you want to record your entire route, then make sure that the autonomy of your bike computer is not disappointing. Autonomy must meet your expectations.

We add to this that autonomy necessarily depends on the quality and the charging time. A successful meter must have a competent battery and charging system. Items where you are promised 7 hours of battery life per 1-hour charge, will certainly be unreliable.

Screen and device quality

During your bike trips, we can imagine that the sun is not always there. And for lovers of two-wheelers, you are certainly not going to deprive yourself of a little downpour. That’s why it’s important to ensure a bicycle sensor is watertight.

Conversely, exposure to the sun’s rays for a certain period could damage the sensor circuits. So make sure that the product is not only resistant to moisture but also heat.

Finally, and this takes up my last words, the strength of your sensor must be proportional to the purchase price. This manifests itself in the waterproofness, I said previously, but it is also proven at the level of the screen. Bicycle sensors have an LCD. The latest models are now equipped with the auto backlight function, which makes it possible to adapt the screen’s brightness according to the outside light. Add to that a handy feature, that of the anti-glare screen.

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