10 Tips to Reduce Your Caloric Intake at Each Meal and Lose Weight

Lose weight while eating? Follow these tricks to reduce your caloric expenditure at each meal and achieve your goal of losing sizes without suffering more.

10 Tips to Reduce Your Caloric Intake at Each Meal and Lose Weight

Losing weight is a challenging goal to achieve for millions of people around the globe who have tried everything to achieve it without success. Girdles, routines, food supplements, unusual diets, and even pseudoscientific therapies. It’s easy to forget the basics and pay attention to the essential requirement for weight loss in a world full of unconfirmed information: spending more calories than you take in.

In the end, it all depends on the relationship between energy expenditure and the number of calories ingested: if you consume more calories than you burn, then you will have a caloric surplus, but if you reduce your extra consumption and also do some physical activity, you will be closer You never achieve the results you expect. How to start eliminating calories from your food without suffering too much? Follow these simple tips to lose weight without complications:

10. Make sure that half of your plate contains vegetables. A quarter of your plate is fish, chicken without skin or lean meat, and the remaining quarter of some type of complex carbohydrate (rice, whole wheat bread, or pasta).

9. Try to avoid those snacks that you know are high in energy and fat, such as chocolates, French fries, pizza, ice cream, and others.

8. Prefer foods with high water content (fruits, fresh vegetables, and low-fat broths) than those with little content (dehydrated fruit, dry soups) since foods with water give greater volume and satiety.

7. Think before you have any drink. Many of them are high in calories you can count them with calorie counter apps and low in nutrients. A normal soda has 162 kcal, a beer 146 kcal, and a glass of whole milk 145 kcal, while a diet soda only 1 kcal, a glass of white wine 70, and a glass of skim milk 85. Choose something light if your intention is to lose weight.

6. Consume red meat no more than 2 times a week and prefer lean cuts such as brisket, ball, steak, sirloin, and tongue. So pamper yourself, remove the skin from the chicken or turkey and prefer the breast.

5. Try to consume fish-based dishes at least 3 times a week, preferably mojarra, red snapper, snook, and tuna (canned in water), and do not exceed the consumption of trout, salmon, pompano, and mackerel. Fish is a lean protein that will help you lose weight.

4. When preparing your food, bake, braise, broil, and grill instead of frying or sautéing.

3. Refrigerate broths and consommés so that the fat solidifies and you can easily remove it. This will make it easier to lose weight.

2. Dress salads with vinaigrette (vinegar, olive oil, fine herbs, and spices) instead of cream, and season vegetables with a little wine, vinegar, or soy sauce instead of oil.

1. Do not skip any meal, as it hinders proper nutrition and makes you lose muscle mass. Remember Mom’s advice advising you to eat breakfast before going to school to give yourself the strength and energy to carry out your activities.

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