Top 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas

Things To Do In Las Vegas: Here is the list of The Top 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas in this year collected by us. You must see these.

1. Vegas Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Las Vegas: Vegas Hot Air Balloon Rides are perfect if you’ve always wanted to sail up into the blue skies. You can be picked up at your hotel and taken to the balloon site where you’ll rise above Las Vegas and be treated to a bird’s eye view of the countryside as well as the city.

You’ll be in on this tour from beginning to end. You’ll experience the blowing up of the 10 story balloon that you will sail in. After the one hour ride, you’ll enjoy a champagne toast to finalize your sail.

2. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition will allow you to enjoy over 300 artifacts and many famous ship replicas. You’ll be able to see many items that have never been seen before, such as poker chips, documents, and decor from the Grand Staircase. You’ll also see many pieces that are personal.

When boarding, you’ll receive a boarding pass that belonged to one of the original passengers. After the tour, you’ll find out if the boarding pass you hold is that of a survivor or one who perished on the Titanic.

Jewelry and fine China are among some of the items that you will see in their original condition that they were found.

3. The Walking Gourmet

The Walking Gourmet provides you with a tour of all of the great places that you might choose to dine while in Las Vegas, as well as the history behind it. You’ll visit top places such as the Mandalay Bay’s Border Grill and the Arctic Minus 5 Bar inside the Palace.

The House of Blues will provide you with a New Orleans experience, and you’ll wrap up this great tour at the Foundation Room, which offers a great view of the Las Vegas strip. You’ll have to dress for this tour as shorts, sandals, t-shirts, and other casual wears are not permitted.

There are several tours to choose from with the Walking gourmet, such as the Sin-National Tour, Dine and Shop Til You Drop Tour, The Venezia Tour, and more to provide a great experience.

4. The CSI Experience at the MGM Grand Hotel

CSI The Experience at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas: The CSI Experience at the MGM Grand Hotel will allow you to become the crime scene investigator that you always wanted to be. You’ll have the opportunity to choose from 3 different crimes that you can help solve.

This interactive tour will allow you to solve crimes the way that they are truly solved in real life. You can experience DNA and fingerprinting analysis first hand. There are even experts to guide you should you find the need.

After your investigation, you’ll have the opportunity to explain your findings and find out what really happened. You’ll be able to have your picture taken and purchase CSI memorabilia.

5. The Eiffel Tower Experience

The Eiffel Tower Experience will provide you with everything that the Eiffel Tower in Paris has without having to make the trip. This romantic attraction will take you 50 stories above the ground to offer you a great view that is unforgettable.

With its observation deck and glass elevator, you won’t miss a thing that Las Vegas has to offer as far as a picturesque view. You can take photos, and you can enjoy dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

6. Vegas Indoor Sky Diving

Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving: Vegas Indoor Sky Diving offers you a chance to experience skydiving without having to throw yourself from a plane. You will first experience what it’s like to free fall, the experience only lasts about 45 seconds when jumping from a plane, but here it can last a lot longer.

You’re not going to have the same view as you would if you were jumping from a real airplane, but you’ll be able to experience the jump without having to worry about the weather.

A DC-3 propeller will provide you with 120 miles an hour winds in a rubber room to provide you with the experience of actual skydiving. Comfortable clothing is recommended for this tour

7. Fashion Show Malls

Fashion Show Malls offers great fashion shows of all of the latest fashions. All of the items that are shown in the fashion show can be purchased.

You’ll find the same great fashions that are available in New York, and you’ll find that the fashions shown are always in season.

As the show is ever-changing, you’ll never experience the same show twice.

8. Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo

Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo in Las Vegas: Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo offers a great wildlife exhibit that features the beautiful pink Chilean Flamingos, Chinese Pheasants, Mandarin Ducks, Northern Cinnamon Teal, the South American Swan, and so much more.

You’ll learn about each of these unique animals in a fun way. Learn their mating rituals and their ways of survival, as well as the noises that they make. With streams, waterfalls, and winding walkways, you’ll find this to be a very peaceful and relaxing tour.

9 – Las Vegas Natural History Museum – Things To Do In Las Vegas

Las Vegas Natural History Museum offers everything that you would hope to find in a great historical museum. Major things such as the old wooly mammoth’s tooth and a shark’s jawbone too.

You’ll get that zoo feeling with the lifelike replicas of extinct and present-day animals that are on exhibit. You’ll find whales and dolphins in the Marine Life Gallery as well as live baby sharks and stingrays; you can even watch them as they are being fed.

In the prehistoric gallery, you can examine the T-Rex and other great creatures from the past. The kids can participate in dinosaur rubbings and even look for Nemo in his tank.

You can see over 500 Egyptian artifacts in the Egyptian Room, including King Tuts’ throne, chariots, and the gold painted sarcophagus that sits on top of King Tuts tomb.

10 – The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace – Things To Do In Las Vegas

The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas: The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace includes a collection of over 300 cars. You’ll see race cars, muscle cars, and so much more. You’ll never see the same car twice.

You can purchase the cars that are here if you’d like, or you can just stand by them and have your picture made. You’ll see everything from classic cars to luxury cars and even military vehicles. You can get an autograph of Jimmy Velvet, a long-time friend of Elvis, and you can also visit the Gift Shop for fun memorabilia.


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