What is Roaming – Roaming in the European Union

What is Roaming? The roaming means data roaming in the field of mobile telephony, but also applies to other wireless network technologies, the word roaming is used as the popular English word.

What is Roaming?

When we talk about roaming, we talk about the ability of a network to connect to the Internet outside of the geographical area in which it has registered or registered.

Roaming worries users mainly when they are going to travel abroad, either for pleasure or for work, especially for the expense of using the itinerary or roaming that can bring.

When we leave the country in which we have contracted the mobile line and go to another country, it is necessary that our mobile is connected to another network to use that line, either to the same network or to another.

The fact is that this type of management between operators has always involved an extra payment on any call or message made by the person who uses the line abroad.

In order for roaming to be possible, it is necessary for the SIM card to identify a serial that makes it possible to connect the main network to another network regardless of whether it is the same or different.

Roaming is not the same as Wi-Fi since we can use the Wi-Fi network outside the country at no cost, but the same does not happen with roaming.

Unlike roaming, the Wi-Fi network is connected through a password and a specific user to which we must access with the permission of the owner of the line.

The invention of roaming or data roaming has made it possible for people to make use of their lines are in the country they are, through the connectivity facilities that have made the large telecommunications companies.


The benefits of roaming are that it allows you to make use of your network immediately, without the need for waiting. The drawbacks are the costs of call transfers and the cost of interconnection, which is charged to the owner of the line on the invoice.

Roaming in the European Union

Recently the news of the elimination of Roaming has come out throughout the European Union, a proposal that began in 2013 and has finally had a happy ending. In other countries and continents, it usually always involves an extra expense.


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